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Dell Latitude C600 Laptop Computer

Equipped with a 750 Mhz Pentium III processor, which uses SpeedStep technology. This means the C600 can switch between battery-optimized mode or maximum-performance mode. The 14.1" display is crisp and bright. It also has 256MB of memory, a 20G hard drive. It will handle most of your computing needs including internet, email, word processing, graphics, or gaming. This laptop originally sold for more than $3000 when it was brand new.

Specifications: MODEL NO C600, CPU TYPE Intel Pentium III 750 mHz w/ Speedstep,
HARD DRIVE 20GB, DISPLAY 14.1" TFT Bright Active Matrix ,
24XCD Drive,
MODEM 56K V.90 Modem,
VIDEO CHIPSET 2X AGP ATI Mobility M3 Video Accelerator w/ 8MB,
PRINTER PORT (1) IEEE 1284 Compliant - connect to printers, scanners, MP3 players,
UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS (USB) (1) USB - connect to digital cameras, printers, scanners,
INFRARED PORT (1) IR - convenient for wireless printing,
SERIAL PORT (1) 9 pin - sync up with Palm pilots,
PS2 MOUSE PORT (1) - hook up an external mouse,
PCMCIA SLOTS (2) Type I, Type II, or 32-bit cardbus,
AUDIO CHIPSET ESS Maestro 3I Sound System,
SPEAKERS Internal stereo speakers,
AUDIO INPUTS/OUTPUTS Stereo Line In, Out, Headphone,
EXTERNAL VIDEO PORT (1) SVGA - connect to any desktop monitor or projector,
OTHER I/O PORTS (1) S-Video Out (Connect to TVs or VCR's for presentations),
Docking Port,
OPERATING SYSTEM-Comes with Windows 98, 2000 or XP 
WEIGHT / HEIGHT 5.7 lbs / 1.5".

Bruce Brown

The Dell Latitude C600 is a straightforward corporate laptop with excellent battery life and some special touches.

One aspect that is unique among the machines we tested (and worth copying by others) is the inclusion of both a touch pad and pointing stick. Those who are comfortable with both features can switch back and forth, depending on the task (both are active concurrently), and those with a preference can choose between them, turning one or the other off.

The C600 has an internal antenna for wireless networking, and Dell offers, for an extra $199 (direct), an internal Mini-PCI 802.11b adapter. Unfortunately, that card needs to be plugged into the same slot as the wired Ethernet Mini-PCI adapter. So to toggle between wired and wireless networking, you'll have to use a PC Card for one of them. This is an unexpected omission, especially when the similarly priced Acer and Toshiba models include standard internal wireless network and Ethernet capability.

Hot-swapping modules to and from the single bay worked like a charm: We just clicked an icon on the System Tray, ejected one module, and popped in the new one. Another highlight is the high-resolution display. Although its 14.1-inch size is the same as most others, the screen's 1,400-by-1,050 native resolution lets you see more of a document or Web page without scrolling.

As for the audio capabilities, the speaker volume was very low: For presentations, you'll need an external pair of powered speakers. The keyboard layout, spacing, and feel were all comfortable. One notable keyboard feature is the Dell AccessDirect button, which calls up the on-disk documentation. You can also program this button to launch a frequently used application or—even more useful for IT managers—to preconfigure each machine with a specific support resource, such as Dell's technical-support Web site.

Dell also caters to tech managers' needs. Bay modules, batteries, docking slices or stations, and an AC adapter can be shared among any Latitude C-series models, including legacy systems (CPx, CPt, CPi, and others). The modules also can be shared with L-series models via an external expansion bay and an IDE cable. Also, the primary and secondary battery are identical and can be used in either the battery bay or the multipurpose bay.

Speaking of battery life, the C600 beat out all the other notebooks in our roundup. With a system weight of 5.4 pounds, the C600 is one of the bulkier models we tested. Those extra few ounces (due to its bigger battery), however, translate to more than 3.5 hours of runtime or nearly 8 hours with an extra battery installed in the modular bay.

The C600 comes with minimal printed documentation, but Dell balances this shortcoming with outstanding, comprehensive on-disk system reference material and a three-year warranty.

Dell Latitude C600   -   Testrapport PC-WORLD  -  Carla Thornton

Dell Latitude C600
PC WorldBench 2000 score of 164, Pentium III-750/600 CPU, 128MB of SDRAM, 256KB L2 cache, Windows 2000 Professional, 14.1-inch active-matrix screen, ATI Rage Mobility 128 graphics chip with 8MB of SGRAM, 10GB hard drive, 10X-24X CD-ROM drive, combination V.90 modem and ethernet PC Card, built-in network adapter, touchpad and eraserhead pointing devices, 7.8 pounds (including AC adapter and external floppy drive and cable). Three-year parts and labor warranty; free, unlimited 24-hour toll-free tech support.
$ 2486
The Pentium III-750/600-based Latitude C600 includes a TrueMobile wireless LAN mini-PCI card that connects to an antenna (which Dell has been building into the three notebook lines since last fall). Add an access point and you have 802.11b-compliant wireless local-area networking.  In addition to hassle-free wireless networking, the handsome, lightweight C600 has features designed to appeal to companies whose employees share notebooks. It boasts an easy-to-remove hard drive, eraserhead and touchpad pointing devices, and an internal bay that can hold one of seven different devices. Dropping a dummy module into the bay cuts the notebook's weight to a svelte 5.5 pounds. Rear connections sport color icons that allow you to hook up peripherals quickly.
Unfortunately, you can't have built-in wireless networking and built-in standard networking, too. The TrueMobile wireless network interface mini-PCI card occupies the internal mini-PCI bay normally used by the combination modem and network adapter. To add standard connectivity, you'll have to add a PC Card, such as the Xircom RealPort modem/NIC combination that was bundled with our review unit. (You can also order your notebook with a modem/NIC mini-PCI card and add a TrueMobile PC Card for occasional wireless networking.) Dell's documentation could be better: The C600 ships with a thin printed manual, leaving you to fish for most information in a difficult-to-search HTML user's guide.
The C600 is a sedate-looking, dark-gray laptop with a keyboard that's designed well but is somewhat noisy. The single bay, located on the front, accommodates either the 10X-24X CD-ROM drive or the floppy drive you get for its as-tested price, or any one of five optional devices--an 8X DVD-ROM drive, an 8X/4X/24X CD-RW drive, a Zip drive, a second battery, or a second hard drive. You can use the floppy drive alongside other devices by attaching it to the parallel port with an included cable. Aside from an S-Video port, the C600 is short on multimedia features; its sound is only so-so and it has no extra audio buttons. The Latitude's PC WorldBench 2000 score of 164 is slightly above average for a Pentium III-750/600 notebook running Windows 2000.
The C600 offers almost everything a company would want in a portable, highly flexible business laptop: wireless networking, both eraserhead and touchpad pointing devices, and the ability to rotate a wide range of add-in devices, including a second battery. The $2486 price looks high for a Pentium III-750/600 laptop, but seems reasonable considering everything else you get.