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B-Bit Computers and Books (Best Buy In Town!) is an  internetshop, supplying books on such special subjects as shooting, hunting, gaming, outdoors, martial arts, navigation on land and water, but also computers and computerparts and not to forget a very nice 20 ft. sloop at an extremely friendly price, and a large variety of marine equipment and books.  Our website is not really multi-language, but we are are working on it! First we will concentrate on books and computers. From this page you can choose the area you are interested in by clicking the blue text, but you will find that on the following pages, most of the explaining text is still in Dutch only. However the description of the books is always in the language the book is written in.    UNDER CONSTRUCTION !! In this page you will also find some help - for instance a list with translations of the text of some of the most important pages - and if you are completely lost just go back to: START-PAGINA and from there to this page.  UNDER CONSTRUCTION:    

BOOKS: FIREARMS  -  Here you will find a collection of almost 2.000 books (mainly in English and German) on all kinds of  subjects related to arms, hunting, shooting, war, martial arts, but also outdoors, bows, knives, uniforms, badges, military, tanks, planes and much more. 

      THEME SPECIALS      
now everything on  "Browning"

COMPUTERS  -  These pages give an overview of computers and computerparts, together with the actual price and ordernumber. Also you will find some interesting offers.

SLOOP "NOOITGEDAGT 600" NEW - The 20 ft. sloop with the friendliest price on the whole Dutch market.  

MARINE EQUIPMENT AND BOOKS  - now mainly books are listed, within short also marine equipment: although the products are available already we have not listed them as yet, so, just ask for prices.      

DOGS & HUNTING  -  Everything for the training of dogs, dummy's, whistles, lines, et.. Also a large number of books about dogs, hunting, etc..

FREE ADVERTISING  -   You can advertise here free of charge! Include a picture of your product and we publish it in the appropiate section. You can choose from the following sections: Antique firearms, various antiques related to arms, hunting, etc. and boats.

HOW TO ORDER  -  bankinformation and shipping costs.

B-BIT is a subsidiary of:  A.S.I. (Alberts Specials International)

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